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Our Commitment to Equity

Every Oregon student should feel welcome, safe, and seen in their public school.
Educators march for Black Lives Matter

Every student is entitled to be valued for the unique identities and experiences they bring to the learning environment, and every educator deserves to be supported in their profession. In educational settings, 然而, institutional racism and cultural marginalization caused by long standing practices of white supremacy have long created barriers and disparities for many of Oregon’s 学生 and 教育工作者 of color. As an organization at the forefront of public education and Oregon’s labor movement since 1858, the Oregon Education Association (OEA) has undeniably played a role in perpetuating systems that devalue, 沉默, or discriminate against Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and other marginalized groups. Our union has, for too long, operated in a manner that elevates and normalizes white supremacy.

We are writing the next chapter of our story.

This work begins by looking deeply at our own experiences and preconceived notions around race and equity—how white supremacy and privilege shape our perspectives, attitudes and actions. We are committed to ending both our internal union racist practices, as well as the systematic racism that continues to perpetuate inequities in our educational institutions and communities where 学生, 成员, and 工作人员 live and work. We will champion 成员 in both their individual and collective work to dismantle racism 和偏见 in all forms. We will center our equity actions around the groups experiencing marginalization or oppression and will lead with BIPOC 成员 in this work. Our commitment to equity and 包容 currently includes the following and continually expands:

  • 推进, center and give power to the voices and experiences of 成员, 学生, 工作人员, and communities of color that have been traditionally oppressed and invisible
  • Ensure that our policies, procedures and practices are free from racism, discrimination, 不宽容, 和偏见
  • Organize and create programs that eliminate cultural and institutional barriers in our educational settings and workplaces

This is a journey. For some it will feel like we are moving too slowly and for others too quickly, but we are committed to moving forward. We are deeply committed to the belief that our attention to equity, 包容, dismantling of white supremacy, racial and social justice will build conditions in which ALL 学生, OEA 成员, and OEA 工作人员 can thrive. 在一起, we must take responsibility and accountability for creating an equitable system for Oregon’s diverse 学生, 教育工作者, and communities.

In Solidarity,

的 Oregon Education Association


Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

的 Oregon Education Association (OEA) is a union committed to the cause of providing the basic right of great public education to every student. OEA represents about 41,000 教育工作者 working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges. OEA’s 成员hip includes licensed teachers and specialists, classified/education support professionals (ESPs), community college faculty, retired 教育工作者, and student 成员. OEA 成员 also belong to the 3.2 million 成员 of the National Education Association (NEA).